reART:theURBAN /////////////////// Zürich 25. – 27. Oktober 2012

Rémi Jaccard
What is urban art?
Surveillance & Diagnoses – A guided tour to the local graffiti and street art scene. 

Walking is the best way to explore a city and to experience how art affects public space. Zurich‘s city center mostly lacks the spectacular large-scale works and iconic figures for which urban art is best known but still offers a broad range of graffiti and street art. So, starting from the conference center, I propose a tour through Kreise 4 and 5 with a focus on different forms of uncommissioned art. Their general characteristics, the distinction of three categories and as well as Zurich‘s official policies will be discussed along the way. In addition it allows to have a look at reART‘s surroundings and to become familiar with some of Zurich‘s most prolific urban artists.
An important issue of art in public spaces is how to achieve visibility and how to provoke reactions in an environment not primarily designated for contemplation. Besides, there is an increasing interest by the media, the art world and advertising agencies who offer different possibilities to make a living from being (or rather having been) an outlaw. Together with the artists vision, these factors influence the aesthetics of urban art and their political ramifications alike. The actions of urban artists include some sort of empowerment but at the same time imply a transgression.

Donnerstag, 25.10.2012 -14h-
Samstag, 27.10.2012 -11.30h-


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