THEORY TUESDAY 3.4.2015 | Session 136 /// The Artist’s Contract

During this Theory Tuesdays session, Rémi Jaccard will present The Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer And Sale Agreement by Seth Siegelaub and Bob Projansky from 1971.


«In the seminal Artist’s Reserved Rights, Transfer and Sale Agreement, drafted in 1971 with the lawyer, Bob Projansky, the legendary Conceptual art dealer and curator, Seth Siegelaub created a model contract for artists to protect their economic and authorial rights when selling their work. This legal document/manifesto also known as The Artist’s Contract (which would prove to be Siegelaub’s final gesture as a dealer/curator) contains many controversial and forward-looking conditions. In particular, it provides that artists should be compensated at the time of the re-sale or transfer of their work if it has appreciated in value and are able to control the public exhibition of the work following its transfer. Siegelaub and Projansky further stipulated that the Artist’s Contract should be legally binding upon future owners of the artwork through its repeated ratification linking collectors to the artist in a chain of covenants.»
-Daniel McClean,

It’s encouraged that you read the contract beforehand to participate in the discussion. The session will be held in English.
Here is a LINK to find The Artist’s Reserved Rights Transfer And Sale Agreement in English, German, French and Italian.

Theory Tuesday
March 3, 2015 | 8pm

Counter Space
Röschibachstr. 24 | 8037 Zurich | 2nd Floor


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