«Robots should be slaves» //// Theory Tuesday, 13.11.18

«Robots should be slaves» by Joanna J. Bryson
Selected by Rémi Jaccard
Tuesday, November 13 2018 | 8pm at Reseda Lochergut
The robots are coming! When they do, you’ll command a host of push-button servants. | Modern Mechanix, 1957
Robots should not be described as persons, nor given legal nor moral responsibility for their actions. Robots are fully owned by us. We determine their goals and behaviour, either directly or indirectly through specifying their intelligence or how their intelligence is acquired. In humanising them, we not only further dehumanise real people, but also encourage poor human decision making in the allocation of resources and responsibility. This is true at both the individual and the institutional level. This chapter describes both causes and consequences of these errors, including consequences already present in society. I make specific proposals for best incorporating robots into our society. The potential of robotics should be understood as the potential to extend our own abilities and to address our own goals.

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